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No person remains the same throughout life's journey. People are meant to change and grow. Ideally, a marriage—or any other relationship—is not simply a matter of finding someone who you can love right now. It should be a partnership in which two people can organically and constructively grow together.

In my many years practicing marriage therapy and couples therapy, I have noticed that the root cause of couples' issues often has to do with a stagnation or counterproductive direction of growth. While every individual couple in marriage therapy is different, many couples tend to get stuck in specific repeating impasses that often have their roots in childhood experiences.

These experiences are the bedrock on which our ability to grow is founded. These recurring “stuck places” are like a brick wall standing in front of a relationship's trajectory in life. Such an impasse can shut down liveliness, cause partners to feel constricted, and make them begin to no longer resemble the people they have the potential to be.

As a practicing marriage therapist in Littleton, MA for over thirty-five years, I have developed a wealth of successful experience in helping couples to remove these walls from the foundations up, so that partners can become allies in their paths through life, rather than adversaries.

My marriage therapy uses a number of innovative techniques, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), to assist couples in accessing past traumas, and develop constructive ways of communicating these issues, and combating them as a team.

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