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Every person is entirely unique, and each individual person faces challenges, anxieties, and damaging patterns of behavior that only they can truly understand. At Caroline Marvin, Ph.D.- Littleton Family Therapy, I would like to help each person reach that level of understanding. I do this by customizing an individual therapy approach that is specifically suited to the client's needs.

As one of the most experienced and qualified therapists in Littleton, MA, I offer my patients a sense of perspective on issues that would otherwise be contained entirely within their own minds. My individual therapy provides results-oriented problem-solving skills and compassionate support. I teach enhanced coping strategies for issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief, stress management, unresolved childhood issues, creative blocks, and body image issues.

While family counseling and couples therapy can be a fantastic tool for developing the skills necessary for productive communication, individual therapy is unique. It focuses on a form of communication that is perhaps even more fundamental than how we communicate with our family and loved ones: how we communicate with ourselves.

It can be very difficult to forge successful relationships with those closest to us if we cannot first confront our own needs and insecurities in a safe and comfortable environment. Leaving problems trapped in our own minds can cause us to further entrench ourselves in negative behavioral patterns. Individual therapy can be a fantastic resource for managing personal growth, family concerns, interpersonal relationships, marriage issues, and other hassles of daily life.

My therapy will give patients the tools to point them in the direction of real, long-lasting solutions. Take those crucial first steps by allowing me to help you find your own solutions in life.

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