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It cannot be overstated how important a healthy family dynamic can be for the development of a child. The familial unit is every person's first interaction with socialization with other human beings. Childhood traumas or early issues with constructively communicating with our families can have long-lasting consequences that affect how individuals handle social relationships for the rest of their lives.

At Caroline Marvin, Ph.D.- Littleton Family Therapy, I fervently believe that my thirty-five years of experience practicing family therapy in Littleton, MA can help you and your family learn to communicate with each other in constructive ways. By doing so, you will be providing your children with a safe, comforting, and loving model for how to interact with other people, which will benefit them and you for the rest of your lives.

As a family therapist, my role in the family counseling dynamic is to provide you and your family with a safe space, where each of you individually feels comfortable in exploring what you feel your role is in the familial unit. You can take the time to see in what ways fighting against or trying to fit that role may be causing any problems or patterns you would like to combat.

Each family is entirely unique, and has its own idiosyncrasies, which makes every family therapy session different. My hope is to help you all work together as a team, so that you can assist each other in living each of your lives to their greatest potential.

Stop fighting against each other, and instead learn to truly support each other by enrolling in family therapy today.

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